What is Digital First?

Digital First is really a mindset that embraces and fosters the creation of a customer-centric culture where every challenge is tackled with a digital solution and technology becomes a core part of the business model.

Who is Responsible for
Digital First?

Although an organization’s IT department or area typically leads on Digital Transformation, a Digital First mindset needs to be adopted by everyone in the organization.

  • Create awareness within the different areas of your organization by embracing a Digital First mindset.

  • Generate consensus on Data & Analytics, AI and Digital Transformation concepts.

  • Set the foundation for a successful adoption of a Digital Business Model focused on the Customer.

  • Spread a common understanding of the Risks of using AI tools and the Best Practices for reducing them.

Course Contents

    1. A message from your instructor

    1. Introduction to Digital First

    1. Introduction to Part 1

    2. Data Overview

    3. Analytics Overview

    4. Careers in Data and Analytics

    5. Apply what you just learned

    1. Introduction to Part 2

    2. Artificial Intelligence

    3. Reactive AI and Automation

    4. Limited Memory AI and Machine Learning

    5. Theory of Mind AI

    6. Apply what you just learned

    1. Introduction to Part 3

    2. Generative AI Business Application

    3. ChatGPT Best Practices

    4. AI Business Application

    5. Apply what you just learned

    1. Before starting your exam

    2. Final exam

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